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Projector Manufacturer Support

Manufacturer Support

By Projector Repair

Manufacturers’ Warranty Guide
As is the case with any electronic product purchase, a good warranty is the key to making sure that you get the most out of your investment. Our manufacturing partners provide good warranty programs, however it is important to note that manufacturers’ warranties can and will vary among products within any given product line. We urge you to carefully review your product’s warranty information. And to help you with that, we’ve provided the manufacturers’ online warranty and support pages, as well as answers to some of your warranty questions. If you need additional information regarding manufacturers’ warranties, please feel free to contact one of our friendly Projector Pros.
Below is a list of links to some of your most pressing manufacturers’ warranty questions. Click on the link that best addresses your warranty question.
Manufacturers’ Warranty Repair and Replacement Procedures

  • BenQ – Will replace the unit with comparable refurbished model
  • Epson – Epson’s “Roadside Exchange” program provides a replacement unit
  • Hitachi – Will repair under warranty
  • InFocus – “One Year Exchange” program. (Excludes some models)
  • Mitsubishi – “ERA” exchange program replaces XGA projectors.
  • Optoma – Will repair under warranty
  • Panasonic – “PanaZip” program provides loaners for select units
  • Philips – Provides “Advanced Exchange” within 30-days of purchase; “One-year exchange program;” will repair/replace under warranty
  • Plus – “Spare in the air” program provides loaner units
  • Proxima – “ProXchange” program provides replacement unit for select units. (Excludes some models)
  • Sanyo – “Quick Repair” program provides 72-hour turn around on the repair
  • Sharp – Sharp ER “Express Repair” repairs within 24 hours or replaces with comparable model if 24-hour repair window is unavailable
  • Sony – “Sony on Time Support” program offers 48-hour repair turn around
  • Toshiba – Will repair under warranty
  • Viewsonic – Will repair under warranty

Turn Around Times

BenQ – 48-hour turnaround time
Epson – Next business day
Hitachi – Not specified
InFocus – Next business day
Mitsubishi – Next business day
Panasonic – Next business day
Philips – Not specified
Plus – Customer specifications
Proxima – Next business day
Sanyo – 72-hour turn around on the repair of your unit
Sharp – 24-hour turnaround time for repair or replacement
Sony –  ”Best effort” 48-hour turn around on repair
Viewsonic – Not Specified

Will I get a warranty card?

BenQ – Provides warranty card
Epson – Provides warranty card
Hitachi – Warranty is the bill of sale
InFocus – Warranty is the bill of sale
Mitsubishi – Warranty is the bill of sale
Optoma – Provides warranty card
Panasonic – Provides warranty card
Philips – Provides warranty card
Plus – Provides warranty card
Proxima – Warranty is the bill of sale
Sanyo – Warranty is the bill of sale
Sharp – Provides warranty card
Sony – Warranty is the bill of sale
Toshiba – Warranty is the bill of sale
Viewsonic – Warranty is the bill of sale

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