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    Unit 5, Universal Business Park
    Old Naas Road. Bluebell.
    Ireland : +353 (1) 582 7344

    Wells Electronics Ltd

    71-75 Shelton Street. Covent Garden.
    WC2H 9JQ
    United Kingdom
    Registered in England and Wales #: 11644735

    United Kingdom : 0333 006 4326

    Packing Instruction

    • Use a sturdy box to pack your projector, preferably 3-ply corrugated box.
    • Ensure that your projector is snugly padded on all sides inside the box.
    • If enclosing 2 projectors in a box, ensure that the machines are well isolated from each other. Single machine per box is preferred!
    • Seal the box using high quality tapes

    For more information  about our Terms and Conditions of Service, please visit here

    • NB: Please do not enclose any cable, Projector Mount, Remote Control or Manuals in the box.
    • If your lens is detachable, please detach and keep unless we request it… And then ensure it is enclosed in a separate box before sending to us.