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Projector Maintenance

Is your projector displaying blurry images? Is it overheating or noisy? Any of these issues could be a precursor of an outright burnout if not addressed.
What is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance performs a set of tasks as advised by your projector manufacturer. It will among other things prevent your projector from overheating, short circuiting or a burn out.
The tasks that we perform during the maintenance call out includes;

  • Fan Cleaning / fan replacement.
  • Air filter cleaning / replacement
  • Optics/LCD panel convergence check, cleaning & realignment
  • Lamp life check and replacement
  • Lens focus and zoom function check.
  • Ballast cleaning and replacement where necessary.


1 Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter in your projector is one of the important components. It help in keeping contaminants like pollen and dust from the sensitive components like lenses, chips, color wheels and light pipe etc. Beside, it cools down the lamp. Else this burns out. Book in your projector for maintenance today

2 Routine Maintenance
Most projectors rely on constant air flow to maintain peak performance and avoid over heating. Dust and soot can clog up the air filter and available vents. Without effective cooling, performance is surely going to be compromised at a point. Preventative maintenance ensure that the device last longer
3 Tuning & Lenses Cleaning
New projectors are equipped with color-management systems that allows electronic adjustment of the level of the primary colours. After a few years of active operation, misalignment may occur.  By subscribing to the service of professionals like us, we can re-calibrate your projector so you may again enjoy vibrant colors from your projector